One Night at the Play Pen

One Night at the Play Pen

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One Night at the Play Pen follows the adventures of Bob and his friends WG and Mr. June, who are more like family to him. Working as a DJ at the Play Pen strip club, Bob absolutely loves his job, and why wouldn’t he? This place, crowded with laughter and joy, is the center of all the fun and entertainment.
Until one night, when the most tragic, life-changing incident occurs at the club and shatters Bob’s world forever. Following this one event, Bob becomes restless and feels a shroud of guilt smothering him. Such an unfortunate occurrence took place before him, yet he couldn’t do anything.
But what exactly happened at the club that night? And is there any way through which Bob can rid himself of the burden and guilt that he has been laden with?
With intense descriptions, bitter conflicts, and a heart-wrenching tale, One Night at the PlayPen is the perfect story that involves emotions, thrills, heartbreaks, and deaths. Michael Jarvie’s vivid imagination gives the book an additional layer of depth, enabling the readers to get sucked into Bob’s world immediately.
However, one question remains. What will become of Bob? Will he be able to overcome his grief and guilt and move ahead? Or will life throw a new challenge at him?

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